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Keeping a Clean Office with Xtreem Janitorial Products. A clean work space benefits your productivity and makes a positive impression with co-workers and superiors alike. Regular office cleanings are sometimes overlooked as necessary. However, keeping a Clean Office is important. Just as regular spring cleanings are to the homes we live in. Employees spend much time in their offices. Would we not want them to be regularly cleaned? Offices and work places are shared spaces. Germs have easy transfer opportunity from space to space and person to person. Thus, the standard cleaning rotation is likely not enough to truly keep your office clean.

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With the right products it is easy keeping a neat and clean office. Xtreem products are cost effective and can compete with high end brands that you find in your super market. From air fresheners to hand sanitizers and even oven cleaner, Xtreem has a wide range that will suite any office’s needs.

Where to begin?

The most common place one can think of that needs regular cleaning is the bathroom. Xtreem offers a toilet cleaner that can be purchased in a 750ml or bulk 5 litre. Then also air fresheners available in: Summer Mist, Spring Breeze, Floral Fresh and Soft Linen.

All purposes cleaner is also a must with great anti-bacterial properties that will keep any office fresh smelling and free of germs.

Workplace cleanliness results from selecting products with significant benefits for both customers and staff. They are no less important than cleaning products selected for the home. Particularly since the propagation rate for germs is much higher in public spaces when adequate hygiene or safety products are not available. Typically, these include:

These products can help control the spread of germs on all surfaces. Whether it is your phone, keyboard, desk, or even the microwave. Grime or mold can easily get a foothold when daily cleaning is not employed.

 Encourage Employee Hygiene

Training employees to work towards a clean and safe working environment is very important. Excessive clutter and dust provides the opportunity for infections or other threats to take root, and spread to others.

Cleanliness in an office environment is everybody’s responsibility. It should not be taken for granted. Their personal hygiene will ultimately affect all of the others in the workplace, and even affect the general atmosphere of the office.

The Takeaway

Maintaining a clean working environment is a matter of good management and making wise decisions. Not only does it portray a good, responsible company image. But the financial and health rewards for your business and staff are their own reward.

When you invest in the right commercial cleaning products, like Xtreem and encourage your employees to participate in keeping your work environment sparkling clean. You are perceived as a good community member, a responsible employer, and a reliable business partner.

In business, a good reputation, supported by happy employees and delighted customers, means your business will grow. And who doesn’t want that.

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