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Unleash Professional Embossing: A Look at Shiny Embosser Machines

Infuse your projects with a touch of refined texture and captivating dimension! Shiny Embosser Machines are the secret weapon for crafters and professionals alike. These innovative tools have the power to elevate flat surfaces into captivating creations, taking your personalized stationery, invitations, or artwork to a whole new level. Beyond crafting, embossing machines empower businesses […]

Keeping a Clean Office with Xtreem Janitorial Products

Xtreem Janitorial Household - Penfile Office Supplies

Keeping a Clean Office with Xtreem Janitorial Products. A clean work space benefits your productivity and makes a positive impression with co-workers and superiors alike. Regular office cleanings are sometimes overlooked as necessary. However, keeping a Clean Office is important. Just as regular spring cleanings are to the homes we live in. Employees spend much […]

5 Ways To Boost Office Productivity

Office Productivity

When it comes to doing a stellar job at work, it’s not always about working harder. More often than not it’s about working smarter so put these tips to use on how to increase productivity at work. Storage for Office Productivity If your office space has not been blessed with big closets, you’ll need organized […]

Understanding Compatible and Original Cartridges

Original and Compatible Toners - Penfile Office Supplies (1)

Looking to cut costs but not quality is something that many companies strive for. One great way to do so is to consider the usage of generic ink and toner cartridges. When it comes to printing we want the best quality but we don’t always understand where generics can fit into the picture. Why is […]

Improving Office Productivity With Rubber Stamps

Rubber Stamps - Penfile Office Supplies (6)

Looking for ways to lessen the workload. There are many good reasons to invest in personalised rubber stamps. Such stamps are a common sight in the office these days and can be used to make life around the office much easier. Work Smarter Not Harder   We here at Penfile Office Supplies can produce personalised […]

Stationery Supplier

Stationery Supplier - Penfile Office Supplies

What makes Penfile Office Supplies different from the rest. You might be wondering with so many online wholesale stationery shops and suppliers across Gauteng, why choose us. Stationery forms a crucial need of every business. Whether big or small stationery is a necessary component for business, schooling and tertiary studies. Having a trusted stationery supplier […]

Back to School Stationery Online

Back to School Stationery Alternatives

Back to school alternative stationery products For many people growing up, I believe your first day of primary school is most likely the most terrifying as well as the most exciting day of your childhood. It has been 29 years since my first day of school. I still remember it like it was yesterday. Seeing […]