Frequently Asked Questions

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Location: We are a warehouse based stationery supplier in Three Rivers Vereeniging. So there is no walk-in shop

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 08:00 to 16:30 and closed on public holidays.

While we boast a vast product selection, we prioritize carrying popular and fast-moving items due to the sheer variety we offer. This ensures availability for the items you’re most likely to seek.

However, if you require a specific item that might not be readily available, let us know! We can check stock levels and suggest alternatives if needed. Additionally, for urgent orders or larger quantities, checking stock availability beforehand is recommended.

Alternative products: On most products there are alternative options available that are just as good but not known to the general public that are in many cases less expensive. So feel free to ask us for alternative products and we will make the best suggestions available.

Compatible ink: We also have high quality compatible ink cartridges and toners for printers available, these are not refills or re manufactured they are brand new just from a different brand than the original. On compatible cartridges and toners you can save up to 70% off the cost.

Bulk discount: We do offer bulk discount depending on your quantity we are more than happy to discount prices on large orders.


  • Search and add items to your basket
  • When you are finished with adding items – Go to Checkout and complete delivery information
  • We will send you a invoice from our office.
  • No account needed to order online: The online account only saves your delivery information to make future orders easier.
  • PS: No credit card info needed to place an order


  • You can send your list of items and pictures over email

WhatsApp: 061 147 1981

  • You can send your list of items and pictures over WhatsApp

Phone: 016 454 0014

  • Give us a call and order over the phone

We understand that many brands and suppliers use different names and codes for products.

So to make it easy for our clients to find exactly what they are looking for you can simply mail us a picture or even easier WhatsApp us 061 147 1981 and we will find the right item for you.

If you don’t have the item to take a picture:

  • Give us your best description of the item
  • Tell us what you want to use it for

Penfile Office Supplies offers Free Delivery for all our local clients in Vereeniging, Vanderbijlpark, Meyerton and Sasolburg.  We also have low cost courier options for the rest of South Africa. Courier orders throughout South Africa. 

We cover the courier cost on bulk orders where possible.

Local Delivery: 2 – 5 Business days from cleared payment.

Courier Delivery: 3 – 7 Business days from cleared payment.

All January Deliveries: 3 – 10 Business days from cleared payment.

Penfile - Delivery Options - Aug 2023
Penfile – Delivery Options – Aug 2023

There are two payment options available:

  • EFT – Electronic Funds Transfer (Preferred method
  • AccountYou can open 30 day credit account (Please email us)

*** No credit card info needed to order online. 

There is no minimum order amount.

You can order 1 item to test our services.

Here is our refund and return policy:

Please contact us should you have concerns about a specific item or order.