Understanding Compatible and Original Cartridges

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Looking to cut costs but not quality is something that many companies strive for. One great way to do so is to consider the usage of generic ink and toner cartridges. When it comes to printing we want the best quality but we don’t always understand where generics can fit into the picture. Why is it that a cartridge that costs significantly less can offer the same quality as an original cartridge? Well let’s have a look.

Is there any significant difference between Compatible and Original cartridges?

There are common misconceptions when it comes to knowing the difference between compatible and original toner cartridges and inks. The quality of your printing and your page yield will not be compromised when settling on a cartridge alternate.

Original Equipment Manufacturer toner and ink cartridges

When it comes to OEM ink and toner cartridges, these are the actual cartridges that have been made by the brand printer you have. At Penfile Office Supplies we carry all the top brands of printer cartridges like Canon, Brother, Lexmark, Epson, HP and many more. The OEM cartridges will be the ones manufactured by the company printer you have and we have a full stock of them if so needed.


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Compatible Toner & Ink cartridges

When talking about compatible cartridges, it means that they will match with or be compatible with your printer. The generic cartridges are not refills or re manufactured, but made brand new.

The only difference will be that it’s been manufactured by another company, not your printer’s. Often termed as the generic brand of printer cartridge, it’s often given a pass for not being the correct cartridge for your printer. This could be further from the truth. Manufacturers carry such a high quality standard and produce these cartridges under strict code and quality control, and obviously they will provide more bang for your buck not being of the same brand as your printer. Truly a win-win!

Popular Cartridges

Penfile Office Supplies often have big companies that switch to generic cartridges when they see that they get good quality toners for almost half the price. We make sure to keep stock of these fast movers as more clients have started to inquire about them. Brother TN2280, TN2350 & we also keep Samsung 101s and our ever popular Samsung 111L and HP 85A

HP 650 & 652 ink cartridges are also two of our best sellers and very affordable. A lot of times clients look for cheaper printers but most of the time they end up saving on the printer but have to buy expensive cartridges. A very good example of this is the Epson L355 Printer can cost between R2000 & R2500 but when you look at the ink T664: Black, Cyan, Magenta & Yellow this printer uses you will be surprised when you see how much you save with the 70ml ink bottles.

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Switching to compatible cartridges may seem scary at first, but unless you don’t try you will never know. If a generic cartridge is purchased and our client is not 100% satisfied, we will kindly exchange or give a full refund.

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