Improving Office Productivity With Rubber Stamps

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Looking for ways to lessen the workload. There are many good reasons to invest in personalised rubber stamps. Such stamps are a common sight in the office these days and can be used to make life around the office much easier.

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Work Smarter Not Harder


We here at Penfile Office Supplies can produce personalised rubber stamps. Featuring your unique branding, logo and/or words, designed to be used time and time again before they need to be replaced. Unlike traditional stamps which separate the ink pad from the stamp itself, self-inking custom made stamps instead incorporates both parts into one simple mechanism. This makes them perfect for busy office environments. For a more creative individual check out our ready made Shiny Stock Stamp Range.


How Can I Benefit With Stamps?

The biggest benefit which comes with self-inking stamps is clearly the associated rise in productivity. There are few places in which employees don’t regularly need to use the same phrase over and over. So it makes sense to provide a stamp which does the same work in a fraction of the time.

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They’re also less messy. For example X-Stamper pre-Inked stamps are convenient for all office and personal uses and cost effective. Marking documents has neven been this easy: Entered, Paid and Cancelled. There’s no risk of spilling ink on your hands, clothes, or paperwork. Since the ink is in the rubber itself, you’ll just need to remove the older pad and then slip in a new one. You can even change colours easily using endorsing ink if the need should arise. Of course, self-inking stamps last a lot longer than traditional stamps, so you won’t need to change the ink as frequently in any case.

Using different coloured endorsing ink is also a great way to spice any document that needs to be stamped. With 5 vibrant colours available: Green, Voilet, Blue, Red and Black.

From ready made stock stamps to custom made, wooden stamps, heavy duty and even a compact handy stamp that can fit comfortably in your pocket. There are so much to choose from.

This functionality allows you to order, design, create and proof your own rubber stamps.

Contact Penfile Office Supplies today or email us your design and we will happily send you a proof of what your next stamp could look like.

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